Download their music

Their albums are on Last.fm. Here’s what’s available for free elsewhere:

the first album

The Enchantment

Gloomy Sunday

Half-Dollar Blues


Tellers of Tales

The Good Stuff

Back Door

Signal to Noise

More Thumbscrews

Another Way to Travel

Bright Street Beachhouse Back in Business Blues

The Undertoad

Black Knight’s Work



  1. Lovely to have digital versions of the first album! Thanks for putting them up.

  2. Oooooooh Thank You for doing this!!! I’ve always loved Cat’s Laughing! This is like finding a long lost friend. :)

  3. Only one song from Another Way to Travel? You should include “See How the Sparrow Flies” and “Draw the Curtain” at least.

  4. The original plan was to put everything up at Ourmedia and Internet Archive. But their software for uploading is awfully slow. If I stick with that plan, I’ll add another song on most weekdays.

    As of today, all of their music is at last.fm for people who want to listen online.

  5. Am teaching War for the Oaks right now, so it’s nice to be able to point my students to the “soundtrack” of the novel. Did Cats Laughing ever record the songs on pp. 130-31 (beginning “Neon on the frontage road”) and pp. 315-17 (beginning “Fire coming down the sky”) of the Orb edition?

  6. Rob, where are you teaching it? Those two were never recorded by the Cats. There is a DAT tape of the second that was done in the studio with some of the Cats, but I don’t have anything that’ll play it, alas. Maybe this’ll nudge me to find a way to make it available.

    In, uh, my copious spare time, of course!

  7. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Will. I’m the chap who ran the Inklings/Scribblies class back in Fall 2002 that you and the others took part in. (Thanks again for doing so!) This semester I’m taking a more or less straightforward survey approach to the fantasy class: we’ve covered Dunsany, Howard, Tolkien, Moorcock, and Le Guin. We’re currently reading Emma, and we’ll end the course with China Miéville’s The Scar.

  8. Rob, Emma thinks it’s funny that she’s a precursor to China Mieville (funny in a good way!), but that she would like that reading list. And so would I. Good luck with the class!

  9. Will, Emma’s on the syllabus due to her status as one of the paradigmatic urban fantasists of the 1980s. China follows her as the most prominent instance of the New Weird. Both represent the turn away from pastoral in the last 30 years or so of “cutting edge” fantasy writing. Emma is also on the reading list as a modern, feminist counterpart to Lord Dunsany and his King of Elfland’s Daughter (most of the books on the syllabus are in deliberate dialogue with one another). I’ve mentioned this site to my students, so some of them will probably be by to listen to the music.

    P. S. Emma’s “A Bird that Whistles” is one of the three stories students can write about for Essay #2.

  10. Begging your pardon, but the ‘Undertoad’ link seems to lead to ‘Black Knight’s Work’.

  11. Andy H, sorry ’bout that! I corrected it on the blog entry and deleted it from this page. For folks coming here first, this’ll work:

    The Undertoad

  12. I’m really excited to find these songs! Thank you for posting them!

  13. I can probably scare up a DAT drive if you’re still looking for one. (Email me if so)

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