Cats Laughing on Amazon as MP3s!

June 14, 2008

To see the list, click here!



  1. I went, all excited, about buying from somewhere other than CafePress to find out that Amazon does not sell MP3s to Canadians.

    Eeeps. Must get Cats Laughing MP3 fix somehow.

  2. Catherine, very sorry! Send me a note (shetterly at gmail) and I’ll try to figure out another way to get them to you. If nothing else, I might set up a paypal account and then send the files directly. Hmm. Pondering possibilities now….

  3. Did you ever come up with a way for Canadian customers to get the MP3 albums? I just got disappointed at Amazon.com too.

  4. Amazon US doesn’t seem to carry the MP3s any more. (Luckily for me, I bought them on CD back in the 90s.)

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