the first album, a.k.a. the basement tape, a.k.a. reissue, a.k.a. bootleg issue

April 5, 2008

  1. The Enchantment (© E. Bull). Lead vocal: Emma.
  2. Gloomy Sunday. Lead vocal: Lojo.
  3. Half-Dollar Blues (© S. Brust & A. Stemple). Lead vocal: Adam.
  4. Facade (©  Lojo Russo). Lead vocal: Lojo.
  5. Tellers of Tales (© S. Brust & A. Stemple). Vocals: Adam, Lojo, and Emma.
  6. The Good Stuff (© Lojo Russo). Lead vocal: Lojo.
  7. Back Door (© A. Stemple). Lead vocal: Adam.
  8. Signal to Noise (© E. Bull). Lead vocal: Emma.
  9. More Thumbscrews (© S. Brust). Lead vocal: Emma.

All songs arranged by Cats Laughing.

The Cats:

Steven Brust, drums, doumbek, tambourine, ice cubes.
Emma Bull, harmonica, sine wave, vocals.
Bill Colsher, electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, scary chords.
Lojo Russo, bass, leviathan music, vocals.
Adam Stemple, electric and acoustic guitar, match, vocals.

Photos by Will Shetterly and Geri Sullivan.
Photographic weirdification by Em, Big Bubba, and Photoshop.
Original 4-track engineering by Steve Schmidt in Brust’s ex-basement.
Digital remastering by John Muldoon at Entercor and Gark Studios.

Thank you, Jane and David.

For more information about the various editions of this album, see FAQ #1: “The First Album” or “Bootleg Issue”?.



  1. You know, I’ve been trying to piece words together, but I also know I’ve been botching things horribly (comparing what I get to the article in Green Man Review, for instance XD). I *love* lyrics, and I was absolutely delighted that the lyrics for Another Way to Travel were here. <3 Any chance of posting lyrics from The First Album, as well? :)

  2. I don’t know if we’ve got a file with the lyrics somewhere. Things are a bit crazy right now, but feel free to nudge me again in about three weeks. I’ll happily take a look.

  3. I live in the UK and am a big fan of Cats Laughing. I managed to find the 2nd Cats album for sale on Amazon.com market place. I would love to be able to buy the 1st alum, but because I am in the UK Amazon.com won’t let me buy the mp3 version!!!! (Argh!) If anyone has a copy I could buy please get in touch.



  4. James, I need to find a solution for that. Stupid Amazon. I’ll try to keep the need high in the queue, but I confess I won’t be getting to it immediately.

  5. James, all of the songs for the first album are now available through links on the freebie page.

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